Cronos Titan

  2. Lost In Laos
    Famlende Forsøk

  3. Bam-Boo EP
    Spoon Fazer

  4. Dominant One
    Train To Spain

  5. Washing China
    Famlende Forsøk

  6. Horizons Of Suburbia
    Camera Obscura

  7. Morse Disco

  8. Believe In Love
    Train To Spain

  9. Die Schwarze Spinne (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Carlos Perón

  10. The Sparrows And The Nightingales
    Martyn Bailey

  11. Imagine That
    Dag Brandth

  12. Atemlos
    Matthias Schuster

  13. Dream Of Waking
    Sleep Museum

  14. Mysterium Organum
    Sleep Museum

  15. One 3 Four

  16. A Better Spider (1981 - 1985)

  17. Emergence
    Nao Katafuchi

  18. Robots, Rockets, Radiation
    Final Program

  19. XXVII

  20. Game Over
    Ultimate Soldier

  21. Bookmarks I
    The Silicon Scientist

  22. Bookmarks II
    The Silicon Scientist

  23. Poly
    The Silicon Scientist

  24. Windows On The World
    The Silicon Scientist

  25. The Destiny Room (The Original Demo Recordings)
    Twins Natalia

  26. Faces
    23rd Underpass

  27. T.V. EP (w/Bonus Tracks)

  28. Ute På Vift
    PA Tronic

  29. White Like Summer Sutures
    Sleep Museum

  30. The Future Is Now In Your Hands
    Red Fetish

  31. The St. Croix Sessions
    Zone Tripper

  32. In The Cold Light Of Day (CD Version)
    Epic Dreams

  33. Hamburg Paris Catania
    Bal Paré

  34. What It's All About
    Train To Spain

  35. The Call
    Zone Tripper

  36. Metamorphose
    Bal Paré

  37. Alice
    Nine Circles

  38. Sommerwind + Bonus CD
    Bal Paré

  39. Valium
    Cronos Titan

  40. Der Eisenberg Sampler - Vol. 6
    Various Artists

  41. Gravity Zero
    Martyn Bailey

  42. Xenoglossy

  43. Arizona Lights

  44. Keep On Running
    Train To Spain

  45. Durch, Für, Gegen!
    Zweistürzende Altbauten

  46. Electronic Warfare

  47. System Failure (w/Bonus Tracks)

  48. Total Titan! (Remastered)
    Cronos Titan

  49. Activity Of Sound
    iEuropean feat. Wolfgang Flür

  50. Der Eisenberg Sampler - Vol. 5
    Various Artists

  51. Døve Munker Ut Av Norsk Industri
    Famlende Forsøk

  52. Macht

  53. Ødipus Rex 2012
    Angst Pop

  54. Floodlights

  55. Taxi Zum Mond
    Bal Parè

  56. Horizon
    Zone Tripper

  57. Ein Tag Am Meer
    Bal Parè

  58. Metal & Flesh (Remastered)
    Hard Corps

  59. Path Of Destruction

  60. D-MN

  61. Drift

  62. Der Eisenberg Sampler - Vol. 1 (Remastered w/Bonus Tracks)
    Various Artists

  63. Der Eisenberg Sampler - Vol. 2 (Remastered w/Bonus Tracks)
    Various Artists

  64. Der Eisenberg Sampler - Vol. 3 (Remastered w/Bonus Tracks)
    Various Artists

  65. Der Eisenberg Sampler - Vol. 4 (Remastered w/Bonus Tracks)
    Various Artists

  66. Titans Remain! (w/Bonus Tracks)
    Cronos Titan

  67. Are Kisses Out Of Fashion?
    Chinese Detectives

  68. Bluetown Electronica (Is It Time Yet?)
    Various Artists

  69. Cultural Differences - Vol. 1
    Various Artists

  70. Pop Cycles
    Johnny Yen

  71. Modus
    Tundra Mode

  72. Live At Legacy Festival 2014
    Carlos Perón

  73. Lush (w/Bonus Tracks)
    Spoon Feed

  74. Revisited - Selected Recordings 1990-1994 (w/Bonus Tracks)


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What you call Sub culture, we call crap! Norwegian electro/industrial/darkwave/alternative label with an eye on music outside the charts!

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